Wednesday, October 08, 2014

A letter to myself in 10 years...#Blogtober14 Day 8

It has never crossed my mind to write my future-self a letter, the only time I think of future Simoné is when I know I'm making stupid choices (like buying that pair of shoes, having that one extra tequila or eating that chocolate) and it usually ends up like "Eh - future Simoné's problem!".

I have often thought of writing letters to my unborn children one day and let them read it, or a letter to my husband for when he needs a "pick-me up", but never a letter to myself! This made me hesitant to participate in today's blog challenge.

Hey Fumbles,

So today is 08/10/'re 34, almost 35!! I really hope you've outgrown that nickname!! If not, I think your hair should be blonde so that you have a convincing cover story for your clumsiness!

Wow! 34 hey, 10 years ago (when I was 14) I would have thought to myself, Geee that's old, now that the 30s are fast approaching I feel like the saying "Life only begins at 30", is somewhat true!
I hope you are enjoying the dirty thirties! Haha! I think they are called the dirty thirties coz you spend them cleaning nappies and wiping spit up! I hope you are enjoying that too! Remember the vow you made to Riaan on your wedding day, I'm sure you regret that now!! But I'm also sure he won't let you clean every single nappy!!

Knowing you, you probably have 2 gorgeous children now, maybe even 3!! A charming little boy and a beautiful little girl, Amelia-Rose, that's pretty!! I like that! Please tell me, is Riaan a "Phil Dunphy kinda Dad"? We always joke that he will be like that! I'm glad your rocking a hot post baby bod, you look great, no post baby wobbles!! Fantastic! See, the hard work and dedication paid off!!

Also how is Winston? I hope that him and Arya are still best friends??

I know when I was younger I had such high expectations for you, but over the past few years my perspective has somewhat shifted. I have no doubt in my mind that you're now ACCA qualified, I am just glad to know that you are happy, wherever you are and whatever you're doing, I know you'll be following your passions and making your dreams come true!! I hope you opened that bakery, or atleast that you are still baking and being adventurous in the kitchen.

I am so glad you did alot of travelling and still are travelling, even with your little munchkins, by now I'm sure you've been to your top 10 holiday destinations, or at least 8 of the 10! So, how has living in Europe changed your outlook on life? You and Riaan look so happy, life has been good to you!! I can't believe in 14 months you guys have been together for 20 years...that's awesome!! Highschool sweethearts! 

So you probably have to go now, such a busy body, nothing has changed!! I hope the next ten years are as full of adventure as the past ten have been!

Lots of love,
Younger and hopefully clumsier than you are now!

PS. Tell Riaan I love him! xxx
So that's it, my letter to my future self! I really hope my future self follows her dreams and makes herself happy!!


  1. Such a lovely letter, I hope your older self gets all your younger self wanted :) ( this is kind of confusing - thinking about your older self etc! )

    1. Thank you Charlotte, I hope so too :) Hahaha 2 paragraphs into the letter, I was like what the hell am I saying, I had to go rephrase some things so it would make a little more sense!!

  2. I love the PS at the end! Funny but I think every one has hesitated over this post - it was a tricky one! I hope you achieve all of your dreams though!

    1. Thank you Rachael! I think so too, probably because it kinda requires a bit of opening up a bit of your soul to the blog world, it is refreshing though!! :)

  3. Haha I hope my husband is like Phil Dunphy. I always tell him he is!!!

    1. Hahaha so is mine, with all his quirks and crazy ideas!! He'll be just as much a kid as the kids are!! It's so entertaining!