Friday, October 24, 2014

One beauty product I can't live without...#Blogtober14 Day24

I'm late, I know, but with good reasons! Note: REASONS!!

1. I've been toying with the idea of changing my hair colour for a while now, for about the past three months every time I see a girl on pinterest with purple hair I feel like "I need that in my life!".
So! Today I took the plunge. Purple hair!! Oh yeah!!

Let me know what you think??

2. I spent my day baking a wedding cake! Its a 3 layer vintage cake, vanilla, red velvet and carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting. I obviously can't post any pictures of the cake until after the wedding. So you can expect a few snaps on Sunday!!

3. It's my father-in-laws birthday! So we went out for a lovely dinner to celebrate.

Now that I've finally got a break I can do my Blogtober post.

The one beauty product I can't live without is a nude eyeshadow palette. At the moment I'm using Avon (it's in the car because that's where I normally do my make up lol), the eye shadows I use usually vary between Yardley, Avon and Rimmel. I'm not really a make up girl. I prefer a natural make up look. My usual look would be a nude shadow, with eye liner and mascara. That's it!

I have recently discovered Garnier BB Cream, it's amazeballs! I was at the supermarket to by my usual even tone Garnier moisturiser but then I found the BB Cream, which does exactly the same as the even tone cream but has a tint to it so it provides a light coverage. No extra time spent applying foundation! Perfect!!

What's your number one beauty product??


  1. I love the purple hair! Is it a permanent dye or semi permanent? I think it really suits you :)

  2. Thank you :))) It's permanent!! Hahaha when I sat in the salon chair I was so excited and nervous, I was there last week and decided I wanted to do it, but I left it for a week to see if I fet the same this meek, and I did, so I did it :D I love it :D

  3. OH my! I absolutely love it! That purple is gorgeous! It's not like 'scream in your face" purple, but it's just lovely!