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We are "die Vosse/Vossies", it's a plural/diminutive for our surname, Vos, which is of Dutch origin and also happens to be Riaan's nickname, I go by the nicknames Sim, Simmy, Simonetjie and Fumbles.

I am a senior audit clerk/trainee accountant. Before I get things started I would just like to tackle a stereotype...accountants & auditor's aren't really boring people, in fact, some of the most interesting and "colourful" people I know are or were auditors/accountants. To put it straight, we are a pretty awesome bunch of human beings! ;)

Now that that's out of the way, in my spare time I study (I'm a part-time ACCA student), I bake (I love baking - you can check out my website http://simonevos.wix.com/thenottinghillcakery), I cook (Riaan and I LOVE trying out new recipes), I'm a bit of a pinterest addict, I scrapbook (but not so much lately), and I'm a not-so-newly-wed wifey, and all this at the tender age of 24! Riaan and I got married on the 27th of April 2013, life as a newly wed has been rewarding and eventful to say the least.

Riaan is a java/android developer. When we started dating (way back in 2006) he was studying music and played for a few bands, our weekends consisted mainly of attending music festivals, live shows and living our young lives to the max! Riaan then went on to study sound engineering and eventually settled on programming (he is one of those lucky people that gets to do what he loves every day and his job is probably the least stressful in the world!)

Riaan plays guitar, cooks (as mentioned earlier) and he loves DIY projects and his tools, it goes like this most of the time, I find a cool DIY project on pinterest and convince him to do it for us, with me as assistant :D It works because he is technically inclined, and he has to operate the power tools (I'm way too clumsy for power tools).

Riaan and I started dating on 14 February 2006, we met the December before at the restaurant we were working at. He is my partner in crime, my best friend and the love of my life. We live in Johannesburg (South Africa) and we share a mutual love for the kitchen and cooking, I often rope him in on my baking projects as well! We have a deep desire to travel before we have children so I'll most definitely have a few travel related posts up soon in addition to posts on all our other interests!

I think that pretty much sums us up for now, you can expect a lot of posts about what we get up to over weekends and such, recipes I have found, tried or invented and most likely a few DIY posts, I hope that you enjoying reading our blog as much as I enjoy putting it together!!

Disclaimer: All of the content and images posted on this blog are my own, unless otherwise specified / linked to the original source. Please feel free to share photographs and material from this site but please link back to the original image or post. All comments and opinions are my own. Please feel free to give feedback on my posts.

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