Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Superstitions...#Blogtober14 Day 28

Things I am superstitious about, there are a few...Friday the 13th is definitely one of them! Crossing paths with a black cat isn't...more on those two in a few.

I think there are certain superstitions that are a load of rubbish, but some of them I stick to, just because it makes me feel better.

Like I said I'm not superstitious of black cats, I have one, Arya, and she is the cutest, most playful little thing. I love her so much, she makes us laugh all the time and we haven't had any bad luck since we got her (Touch wood!).

Here are a few of the things I am superstitious about:
  1. Saying touch wood & preferably touching something wooden in order to avoid tempting fate after making a favourable observation.
  2. Friday the 13th - My brother has broken his leg and been involved in a car accident on Friday the 13th.
  3. Making wishes - I believe in making wishes on dandelions, eyelashes, birthday candles (only if you blow them all out in one breath), wishbones and shooting stars. And you can't tell anyone what you wished for!!
  4. Good luck - Finding a four leaf clover and crossing your fingers, apparently these bring good luck, and for some odd reason I believe it...
  5. Bad luck - Walking under a ladder or breaking a mirror, these are things I try to avoid.
  6. Frogs/toads cause warts - Gross, anything to not have to touch a frog!!
  7. You must put money in a wallet/purse when giving it as a gift, otherwise the recipient will have bad luck with money.
That's just a few, but the ones I believe most.
YAY!! I'm back on schedule!!  Can't believe we only have 3 days left of blogtober, this makes me quite sad, I have made so many blogger friends along the way!


  1. Your cat! Omg, she really is the cutest thing :) I don't understand how people can not like black cats because of a superstition, they are too cute to be scared!

    1. Hahaha Charlotte, Thank you!! She is crazy, and totally adorable!! I think being superstitious of black cats is silly.

  2. I love frogs! I touch them and pick them up all the time. I am completely wart free :)

    I've never heard the one about putting money into a wallet or purse when giving a gift. I like that though!

    1. No Kerry, hahaha I can't, they are so slimy!! Yuck! LOL glad to hear yu are wart free though!

      The money one is quite cool, it's said to bring good luck with money :)