Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My most embarrassing moment...#Blogtober14 Day 29

Only two days left of #Blogtober14, I can't believe it's almost over and that I blogged almost every day for 31 days straight!!

I think today's prompt could get quite interesting so head over to Helene's blog to find some more entertaining posts.

I have had so many embarrassing things happen to me in my life, mostly because I'm a complete ditz, so a good giggle is never far away, luckily I've come to accept it, and so have mine and Riaan's families.

The time I ripped a light fitting out of the a bar!

Let me start of by saying this probably would have been much less embarrassing if I had been a little drunk, but unfortunately that's not the case. A couple of years ago we met up with a couple of friends at a local bar, it was a rather busy evening and the bar was buzzing, everyone was in a good mood and the music was good, there was a live band playing - this resulted in me and my two best friends dancing on our chairs, and then on the table. We had only had a drink or two each, it was still early in the evening (I promise!!).

So there we were, shaking our behinds, waving our hands in the air, really enjoying the music and having the best time, the song ended and we promptly hopped of the table, we were so busy laughing and singing that I never realised my bangle had hooked onto the light fitting - I wouldn't call it a chandelier, it's one of those old school pub lights that takes three globes (you can see in the background of the picture of hooligan Caitlin below - taken on the night) - anyway, as I hopped off the table, hands still in the air the light fitting ripped out of the ceiling and we shrieked in shock, then we had a good laugh, I untangled my bangle from the light and apologised to the waitress.

Riaan and I - We've changed alot!
Hooligan Caitlin
It was so embarrassing, we moved to another table outside, where no one had seen what happened, people kept laughing at the situation and making comments the whole evening.

We still laugh about that evening to this day, these are the things memories are made of after all!


  1. O no! Well at least you can now laugh about it lol!

  2. Oh goodness!! That would be embarrassing…a good laugh though:)

    1. You have no idea, I was probably so red in the face!! Afterwards it was hilarious, at the time though, not so much :D