Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A letter to my younger self...#Blogtober14 Day 27

Hello Mony (Hahaha yes this is your nick name at four, it is said with love and fondness, but don't worry, you outgrow it!)

Mom plays Billy Idol's song Mony Mony for you all the time - that's your song!! I still listen to it now, it's great!!

Listen, you need to be more careful, you're a 4 years young little lady, perhaps you should calm down a little, nah you have a great childhood, carry on, just be careful, you break, crack and fracture so many bones in your youth. It hurts! Believe me!!

I know that by now you have already broken your right thumb, I don't know if you've had stitches in you chin yet though...if you haven't then great, no chin scar! (P.S. building a tower of chairs on your pink play table, scurrying to the top and jumping off is not a good idea!! Don't do it!) If you have done that already, I'm sorry, you're going to have that chin scar for the rest of your life!

I'm not saying don't have fun, I'm just saying if you carry on like this you end up breaking your wrist - that wasn't you fault, some silly girl tripped you while you were playing netball, you also crack your right elbow, fracture the same elbow and crack the left wrist in one shot. I think that's about all, but don't worry you're not alone, your little brother ends up breaking a lot more bones than you do!

I know you probably want to go play with your little brother now, he's got a lot of new toys from his 1st birthday party last weekend.
Lots of Love,
Future you

I know I'm behind, but I'm catching up!!

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