Sunday, August 03, 2014

Kota Joe's

On Friday after work Riaan and I headed off for a bit of a different kind of dinner, something we had never done before...Roadhouse burgers...Destination - Kota Joe's in Edenvale!

Riaan has been talking about this place for a while now, he went there with a few colleagues for lunch a couple of weeks ago and has been dying to go back since.

We arrived, parked right in the front of our lane and ordered our meals from the huge menu displayed above the kitchen. The vibe was awesome, a retro feel with 80's music playing from huge speakers. As we sat in the car waiting for our food to arrive we chatted about our childhoods and how, when we were little we used to go to the roadhouse with our parents. It was a regular thing. Now days there are hardly any decent roadhouses around. So few, that this was actually the first time (in 8 and a half years) that Riaan and I had been to a roadhouse for a meal together.

While we waited for I food we reminisced about drive-in movies and playing on the jungle gyms in our pyjamas.
I don't think this is a purely South African thing, if you have watched the movie Grease (I have about 100 times at least), then you'll be familiar with this drive-in scene!

Anyways...after about 20 minutes of reminiscing and coming to the joint agreement that drive-in's and roadhouses's are something that EVERY child should experience in their lives, our food arrived. And boy did it look good!!

We had chocolate milkshakes (I cannot recommend the Kota Joe Chocolate Shake enough, it was the BEST shake I have had in ages! Hands down!)

I had a Cheese Burger and chips, it was big in size and big on taste!

Riaan had a Dagwood Kota, it was HUGE! So big that it filled both hands when he picked it up to eat it!
It's basically a dagwood and chips in a huge kota roll, it looked so tasty!

And so we sat in the car in near silence, the only sounds to be heard being the occasional "mmmm" and the slurping of milkshake.

We left with very full, but happy tummies and the promise that we would return to try out some of the other  more interesting items on the menu, and of course have another delicious chocolate milkshake!

If you know of any other awesome road-houses in and around JHB please let me know, would love to try them out!!!

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