Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall fashion...or not! #Blogtober14 Day 16

It isn't Fall here...BUT you already know that!

I don't even think it's Spring, I think we skipped Spring and went straight into Summer!!
It's 27 degrees right now and I'm kinda melting away on my stationary bike as I type this!!

Either way, today's prompt is Fall fashion so I went off to Polyvore and threw together my kind of Fall outfit.

I LOVE the tan boots and the chunky knit sweater, this outfit looks so warm and snugly!

Here's something a little more fitting to my weather though.
Gorgeous white wedges, high waisted denim shorts, and a striped crop top (because strips are always in and my ity bity abs are coming along nicely - Thank you #Kayla_Itsines BBG!!)

So that's it for today, short and sweet! I'm contemplating going to jump in the pool now!
Let me know what you think of my outfits!


  1. I love both outfits :) Although the thought of wearing the second sends shivers down my spine! Where I am it's about 10 degrees less than what you have! :O Enjoy the sun ;P

    1. Thank you! Hehehe I am enjoying the sunshine, making the most of it because our summers are know to come with spatterings of thunderstorms!! Keep warm! :)

  2. Oh i love this type of boots a lot. A nd tan goes with almost everything, so always a good choice. I'l try to find some this season. Didn't have any luck last year. So fingers crossed.
    Luchessa @

    1. Hi Luchessa,

      I also had no luck in finding tan boots that I liked, that I could try on before purchasing, I did find a gorgeous grey pair and a nice black pair though, so I can't really complain :)

      This is the link for the boots -

      Holding thumbs for you finding a nice pair!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Jenn, I'm in love with chunky knits and boots!