Sunday, October 05, 2014

My spring bucket list...#Blogtober14 Day 5

So I missed Day 4 - My favourite photo I've posted on Instagram, its only because we had an awesome bachelorette weekend for a friend of mine. As it goes with bachelorettes, we had very little sleep and tons of fun, it started on Friday night at 7:30pm and ended this morning at about 11!! I'm finished, but it was great and well worth it!!

This is my favourite instapic, it's of our gorgeous kitty, Arya, we got her in May and this photo was taken about a month after we got her, she has such character and is so cute! We love her to bits!! You can follow me in Instagram here.

Moving along, since "Fall" has already come and gone in SA, I have decided to do a Spring bucket list, I'm keeping it short and realistic because Spring is already 1 third gone and I'm a busy lady!

So here it is:
1. Plant flowers in our garden - our plants had a rough winter!
2. Have a picnic that doesn't consist of only Woolies foods.
3. Make and fly a kite - I haven't flown a kite in years!
4. Take the Hartebeespoort Cableway.
5. Hike in the Magaliesburg/Drakensburg mountains.
6. Complete the Honeydew A-maze-ing mazes.
7. Go to a Drive-in movie @ Menlyn Park - Grease style!
8. Kiss in the rain.
9. Rent some bicycles and find a park to ride around in.
10. Pick flowers and fill a vase with them.

I will keep you guys up to date as I cross off the items on the Spring bucket list! It's definitely going to be a busy season!! What is your Fall/Spring bucket list??

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