Thursday, October 30, 2014

Facts about me...#Blogtober14 Day 30

I very excited today!! I got my UK Visa and it's now official that we'll be moving to London in January!! That's fact number 1! As for the rest of this post I am just going to tell you a bunch of random facts about me today, some might be super random and others you might already know since I did post a few facts about myself on my One Lovely Blog Award Post.

I love it when people get personal and reveal a little bit about themselves, it just makes them seem more real.
It also gives a bit of insight about what kind of person they are. Hopefully my facts give good insight to the type of person I am...Here they are:

- I really want to learn to take amazing photos, so we'll be investing in a kick-ass camera soon!!

- Riaan say's I went to Hogwarts because our school song was not your normal school song and I loved it there, I actually went to Colin Mann Primary School, I really did love it there,though!

- I won the Best Chocolate Cake in South Africa Competition last year, it was awesome!

- I have big feet...size 8 to be precise!

- In school I enjoyed sport, I played netball, cricket and soccer, I also did cross country running, swimming and shotput.

- My favourite TV show in highschool was Ugly Betty, I could relate to her. It was second to Grey's Anatomy though, which is still a firm favourite of mine.

- I prefer red wine to white wine.

- One day Riaan and I will run the 2 Oceans Half Marathon, it's claimed to be the world's most beautiful race.

- I love animals, especially giraffes, they're my absolute favourite!

- I enjoy being active, running, riding bike, exercising, you name it, I'm game!!

- My cocktail of choice is a frozen margarita.

- I love the sound of rain tapping on a window, I also love sleeping in a tent when it rains, it's so peaceful, haven't done it in years though.

- I love being creative, I bake, scrapbook and paint to release my creative juices.

- I'm a bit of a social media addict, not too much though.

- I love watching live bands, I hope to see Coldplay, Green Day, My Chemical Romance and Mumford and Sons live.

- I was born on my mom's 21st birthday!

- I am one of those girls that's lucky enough to have an awesome mom-in-law, we get along like a house on fire!

I think that's enough for now, hopefully you enjoyed it!!


  1. Omg I loved Ugly Betty so much! That was such an awesome show :)
    I also love Mumford and Sons, I can imagine they would be truly amazing to see live!

    1. Hahaha Betty was so funny! And Daniel was such a douchebag! LOL

  2. Are shoe sizes different in South Africa? Because I wear a size 8 and thought that was pretty normal!

    That cake looks amazing btw! :)

    1. SA and UK shoe sizes are the same, but an SA 8 is a US 10.5 :/ Average ladies shoe size in SA is 5 or 6.
      Thanks Kerry :) I'll post the recipe soon!!