Monday, October 20, 2014

My biggest fear...#Blogtober14 Day 20

I most definitely don't suffer from FOMO (Fear of missing out), I'm too busy making my own memories to be worried about missing out on what's going on in everyone else's life.

I have a ton of stupid fears, I am petrified of sharks, I hardly swim in the sea, and when I do there better be shark nets! I am scared of dying young and not living my life, which is in total contrast to my fear of getting old (Weird - I know!). I'm scared of loosing all the photo's I've taken, there are so many precious memories.

My biggest fear would have to be regret. I don't want to wake up one day and realise that life has passed me by and I will regret not taking a chance, or living a life in fear of all the what if's... I want to live a life that leaves an impression on at least one person.

I found this very fitting quote - be brave, be fierce and be free!!

I think my stupidest fear is the fear of growing old, I really don't want to get old. I love old people, they're always so sweet but I always feel so so sorry for old people when I see them struggling to walk or anything like that.

I'm also scared of getting Alzheimer's, my gran had it and it's the most terrible thing, she couldn't remember who any of us were, she couldn't remember that she always drank tea not coffee, the smallest things would confuse her.

What are your fears? Biggest? Smallest? Silliest? Don't be shy!

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  1. Love your post! I love sharks but am terrified of them! It's a complicated relationship lol

    1. I can relate to that relationship, except for the part about liking sharks :/ hehehe

  2. I wouldn't say I'm scared of growing old but I totally know what you mean about old people. I honestly can't see myself as one, struggling in a care home or at home. It's weird because I love my grandparent's but don't necessarily want to be like them myself.
    On a lighter note; I love the quote! :)

    1. That's exactly what I mean, I don't want to get old and struggle...Thank you, I like that quote too! :)