Saturday, October 11, 2014

If I were president....#Blogtober14 Day 11

I doubt I know quite enough about politics to tackle today's post, and that's not the reason I'm just making it...I was baking!!! But here goes....

Besides my photobombers, I think I look pretty cute in my presidential hat!!

If I were president of South Africa I would instate the following - Ignoring all the glaringly obvious issues that our country faces (corruption, crime, fraud etc):
- Weekends would be 3 days long, work hours would increase by an hour a day from Monday - Thursday, but who cares, Friday is an off day!!
- "Work" would include and require at least one hour of physical activity/meditation a day - you may choose your poison!!
- E-tolls would be banished!
- I would implement a decent public transport system.
- I would implement a health-care system that provides good quality health care for all citizens for a small fee.
- Healthy food would be cheaper than junk food.
- Crocs would be destroyed...ALL of them!!!
- All forms of social media would be down from 6 to 8 - dinner time - get off your phones rude people!!!
- I would instate a livable minimum wage for all people holding a job, seriously, why is there all this poverty??
- Inter-continental travel would be cheaper.
- Murder would be punishable by death.

Ok, before this gets too serious...well, that would be nice, wouldn't it! When the world revolved around us and what we want! What would you want to change if you were president??

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