Saturday, January 10, 2015

Au revoir - A letter to our family and friends

Au revoir...Until we see each other again...

Tonight as I packed the last of my stuff in my suitcase reality sank in, tomorrow we're off on a new adventure, a new chapter in our lives, not a new life, the same old one -  just in a new place.

But before I can weigh my bag I have to get it closed, it's a just like a scene out of a movie, Riaan and I sitting on top of the bag, trying to zip it closed. I have unpacked and repacked about 4 times, finally after a fair amount off struggle, we manage to zip it up, and I weigh in at 25kgs, too bad I cant fit anything else in my bag.

It has been week of farewells and goodbyes, of tears through smiles, heart warming well wishes and incredible support. We are so truly grateful to everyone that wished us well and helped us out throughout this crazy month of finalising.

To our parents:
Thank you mom and dad for teaching me the value of hard work, and dedication. It paid off, without that I wouldn't be where I am today, you taught me to follow my dreams and grab opportunities when they came. I am so thankful for everything you have done not only for me but for Riaan as well, thank you for standing by us and reassuring us. (If Riaan had a say in this letter he would definitely say dankie Tannie-Ma en Oom-Pa!)
Mamma and Pappa Vos thank you for accepting me as your own child, I am so grateful for all of the love and support you have given Riaan and I throughout the past 9 years. I am lucky to be a part of such a wonderful family. Thank you for always being there for us, and for taking us in for the the past 2 weeks, for all of the Das Boot's and for moaning at us when we're being stupid at 2 in the morning.
We love you all very very much and we are going to miss you. P.s this includes Jason and Hanroux!!

To our families:
Thank you to our everyone in both families for all the love you have shown us and for standing by us in our decisions. You all have a very special place in our hearts. To everyone that came out to say goodbye, thank you, thank you, thank you. My family early in December, Riaan's entire family last Saturday, my dad and grandparents on Wednesday, my mom, brother and other mom on Friday and then all of the aunties this afternoon, we appreciate and love every single one of you.

To our friends:
Thank you for all of the laughs, for the best new years farewell and to all of you for the goodbye visits this week. You guys are seriously the most awesomely dysfunctional group of people ever to have walked the earth. We will miss you all and trust that we will be invited to every party... and we will join, via skype, as long as someone carries us around on the laptop. We love you guys, you are all amazeballs.

I think that's it...I wish I could mention everyone, but because we are blessed with a ton of family and friends, I just can't. Thank you everyone, you are all amazing people.

Au revoir.
We love you all.
...And sorry for all the tears (it sucks!!)


  1. Love you too much crazy face! Good luck <3

    1. Thank you my moonie :) Wish you were here, you'd LOVE Paris :D

  2. To Simone and Liefie. Best of luck on you new adventure I know you children can do it. You have both made me a very proud mom. Going to miss you both like crazy. Remember our five year plan (Liefie). May God bless and guide you both and keep you safe. Love you Mom (Tannie Ma)

  3. This is so cute. Have an amazing time guys :) I hope your travels are all you want them to be and more, spend lots and take a crazy amount of photos! But most of all have fun ;D

    1. Thank you Charlotte :) It is so beautiful here! Will be posting pictures soon!!

  4. Aww this made me smile, have a great time, love your blog I'm so going to follow.

    Meme xx