Tuesday, October 07, 2014

My Best/Worst Vacation...#Blogtober14 Day7

I really don't think it is possible to have a bad holiday - the fact that you're not at home doing the same old thing is reason enough to smile. Bonus points if you're in another town/city and double points if you're in another country!! Unless some natural disaster strikes or you end up re-living the likes of "Taken" and "The Impossible", then you're having a really bad holiday!

I, however, am lucky enough not to have re-lived said movies, and in South Africa besides the occasional flash-flood we don't have natural disasters, we do have unnatural disasters though (The government, The SAPS, Parliament...I could continue but I'm sure you get the point).

I have had many wonderful breakaways and holidays, some involved sleeping in tents at music festivals, others involved fancy hotels and lounging about by the pool - from one extreme to the next - you cannot compare!!

Anyway, my absolute best vacation (so far) was our Honeymoon, it was awesome! We spent it in Cape Town and behaved like tourists in our own country. We bought souvenirs, saw almost all of the main attractions, ate way too much, drank great wine and enjoyed a sunset on the beach overlooking Table Mountain almost every afternoon. It was absolutely perfect in every way.
Beautiful sunset from The Ambassador Hotel
On top of Table Mountain
Wine tasting at Groot Constantia
Relaxing on Clifton Beach
Boat ride from Hout Bay to Seal Island
At the Cape Point National Park
Bloubergstrand with a view of Table Mountain! Oh my soul the water is cold!!
Wine tasting at Constantia Glen
The view at Cape Point
The lighthouse at Cape Point
Kayaking in Sea Point
Kayaking in Sea Point
When I think about leaving South Africa and the things I will miss, Cape Town is definitely one of those things. Every time I have gone there I come back to Johannesburg with a heavy heart, I love it there!! There is a place for everyone in Cape Town, it's diversity is what I love most! If you haven't been, you need to add it to you travel agenda!!

So I'd like to know have you been to Cape Town? And what is your favourite thing to do there? If you live in Cape Town feel free to share with us some local tips and hot spots!


  1. wow! that is absolutely awesome!! I'd love to vacation there! although I do disagree that you can have a bad trip- especially if you miss your flight or someone gets sick!

    1. Thank you Helene! You definitely have to pay a visit to Cape Town, its beautiful!! Your trip looked amazing, Paris is number one on my travel bucketlist, and if everything goes according to plan we should be going there in January!! Im beyond excited!!

      Now that you mention it, I got horribly ill on a weekend away a couple years ago, it was our first holiday as a couple and I ate some bad kfc, it was not a pretty sight!