Friday, August 01, 2014

Cream Cheese Craziness

I love cream cheese!
I love it on crackers with sweet chilli sauce, I love it in my sushi, I love it on toast with smoked salmon, I love raw carrots dipped in it (especially if it's the smoked salmon flavoured cream cheese), but mostly I love cream cheese in frosting on cake!

This week was my boss's birthday and since I'm the resident baker in our office I was happily recruited to bake the cakes! Yip CAKES, not one, but two delicious cakes with cream cheese frosting! (Seems to me that we have more than just crunching numbers in common!)

The choices were Red Velvet and Carrot Cake - both tried and tested favourites! :)

So there I am on Thursday night, in my element, baking away!
Red velvet cake in the making.

A couple hours and quite a few dirty dishes later I was done...Happy with my nights work, and off to bed with the house smelling like a bakery!
Delicious Red Velvet Cake

Mouthwatering Carrot Cake
Don't mind if I do!

For some unknown reason, my first batch of delicious cream cheese frosting came out a little lumpy, I think my butter wasn't soft enough, so I whipped up some more for the cakes and popped the "flop" into the fridge. I plan on finding a new recipe to try that needs cream cheese frosting this weekend because the lumps seem to have sorted themselves out!

If I had to choose a favourite it would be...the carrot cake! I love it, the nuts and cinnamon combine so well with the frosting, I'm sure that it is one of the few things that heaven might taste like!

I find it quite crazy to think that before Riaan and I met I had never eaten carrot cake, the thought of vegetables in cake grossed me out completely, I mean who does that?? I can't remember who baked this cake the first time I ate it, it's a family recipe from my mom-in-law's family, but they convinced me to try it nonetheless and I was blown away! Who knew vegetables could be so...."un-diet-friendly" and tasty??

Now I am always sceptical to order/try carrot cake, I'm always like "Will it be as good as ours?"
I must say though that I DID find another great carrot cake, recently my Aunt Mandy came to visit us all the way from Scotland and she made a delicious carrot cake for our family get together. Her blog Mandys Oven Lovin has been quite quiet lately but if you are looking for recipes she has a few goodies up on there!

If you have any interesting recipes that involve cream cheese and licking the bowl once you're done, please send them my way!!

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