Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Weekend of Wining and Dining

Ok so I was so busy this weekend that I didn't even get a chance to bake! Bummer!! But I did get a chance to do was spend some quality time with my amazing hubby and our awesome friends!!

On Friday afternoon Riaan had to work late (sis! I mean, who does that??), so once he was done we decided that we were in no mood for cooking and that we should go out for dinner on a mini date night - we haven't done that in ages!!!

So we missioned off to Emperors Palace for some delicious Col'cacchios Pizza, they seriously make the best pizzas if you are into loads of toppings!! Which I am!

For me a pizza should be less base and more toppings...the more the merrier! So a half-half pizza is right up my alley! If you know Riaan, you would know that (and I am saying this in the most lovingly way possible) he is the most indecisive person EVER when it comes to ordering food at a restaurant! Which is great actually because we usually end up ordering 2 meals and sharing!

We started off with some frozen margaritas, YUM!

Closely followed by delicious pizza! I obviously opted for the half half option, both which had lots of chicken and avo (best combination ever)!

As you can see, they are not shy with the toppings!

On Saturday we woke up to an overcast sky and miserable raindrops tapping on the window, not the best weather for a river-side wine tasting adventure!

We met up at about 12 and we set-off on our 100km road trip to the Vaal!
The first tasting venue was a kind of heritage museum, with a few interesting displays of what the old school Vall Triangle was like!

After tasting 6 wines we decided to move on to the next venue, it was so lovely there last year, we sat alongside the river sipping on wine in the sunshine. This year however we were not allowed to sit outside due to the impending rain! Ah Damn! But that didn't stop us from venturing down to the river for a few photos!!

The venue had quite a cosy feel to it, I can just imagine sitting there around a roaring fire roasting marshmallows in the middle of winter. Since we aren't partial to white wine we decided to only taste the red wines at this venue.

As it would happen, we enjoyed ourselves so much at our first two venues that we didn't make it to any more thereafter!

Until next time...Peace Out!

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