Monday, February 23, 2015

Travel tip/life hack - DIY wrinkle release spray

Don't you just hate stepping off a plane/train or climbing out of a car after a long trip looking like you just stumbled out of the laundry basket?? All wrinkled and frumpled up...I'm not sure if frumpled is a word but I'll go with it!

When I discovered this anti-wrinkle spray I instantly thought of a friend of mine...she is extremely proud of the fact that she has not ironed a single item of clothing, in 4 years, if I'm not mistaken...*cough* *cough*, you know who you are and I think you might just love this post!!

So I think this could be an awesome travel tip or a really good life hack for those of you with a fear/hate of ironing.

I made a little bottle of this magic potion the night before we left for Paris, if you make a small enough bottle you can take it on the plane with you, I use a 100ml bottle, it's perfect to fit in my handbag!!

This is what you'll need:

A spray/spritzer bottle, fabric softener and water. That's it!!

For every 60mls of water in your bottle add a teaspoon of fabric softener.
Close it.
Shake it up.
Aaaand you're done!

All you have to do is lightly spritz the wrinkled area.
Smooth the wrinkles out with your hand.
And that's it, you're done!
I've found that with figure hugging items it is easier to do this with the clothing on.

I've used it on Riaan's jeans, my blouses and sweaters and pretty much anything that has a crease in the wrong place. It was a life saver when we got to London late on Sunday afternoon and I had to start work on the Monday. I just took my outfit for Monday out of the suitcase, lightly spritzed it and smoothed out the wrinkles.

As a side note, deeper creases need more spray and then they need to dry, a hairdryer helps with the drying process. It doesn't work too well on very deep creases, sometimes you just need to suck it up and whip out that iron.

 So now there is ALWAYS a bottle of stuff this floating around our apartment, it's a life saver really!

Do you have any travel tips/life hacks to share??

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