Friday, February 20, 2015

Life lately - 20 February 2015

Hi everyone! I was very surprised to see my last life lately post was almost a month ago...Damn! I'm sorry! I know a few of you want to keep up with how things are going here and what we are up to, so here goes...

Last time we caught up I told you that we'd be moving in to our new apartment...we moved in, and we've been busy sorting out paper work and updating all the service providers with our details and all those fun things you have to worry about when you're an adult...I often wonder why I was in such a rush to grow up when I was little, then a few minutes later I remember - independence and freedom. I have no one moaning at me for going through a bottle of peanut butter a week (except Riaan HAHA!), but I have good reason, I'm still in search of a good replacement for Yum Yum...So far the Waitrose brand is in the lead, but I'm on my 3rd bottle from Waitrose and every bottle has tasted different - it' so weird!! Any London-based self-confessed peanut butter lovers willing to help a sista out??

Talking about case you missed it, here's a snap of the awesome peanut butter hot drink I found here! It's super tasty!!
So for the first week we got by with the bare minimum, not because we couldn't afford to buy everything we need but because we couldn't carry everything we needed to buy on our first trip three trips to the shops. It's so weird not having a car!! We ended up going to the shops three times to get the bedding right...THREE TIMES? IN ONE WEEKEND...That's not normal!! On the Saturday we bought a duvet inner, pillows, flat sheet and fitted sheet, but no duvet cover set because we couldn't find one we liked. We got home to discover the bed actually isn't a double, it's bigger, so we had to go exchange everything for the correct size - back to the shops! Then we got home to discover we got a valence sheet instead of a fitted sheet - so on Sunday we had to go exchange that. What a mission!! In and amongst all these trips we bought some groceries and a few basic kitchen utensils. The stuff urban survival is made of!

The following weekend we did some shopping in Stratford at the Westfield and on Sunday we missioned to Wembley to go to Ikea and Curry's PC World. The TV and TV stand we got at Curry's was so big and heavy that we didn't bother going to Ikea because we wouldn't be able to carry anything else, we had decided to get the TV and stand home by train because the delivery fee was a rip off. Well that was fun!
The following weekend we went to Ikea again, we spent almost the entire day there, it's just so big and fascinating. They literally have something for everything. I found stuff I never knew I needed, what sorcery is this?? We ended up buying some shelving solutions for our shelveless cupboards and some basic house stuff. The kind of stuff you don't realise how much you need/use it until you don't have it. Hangers, coat hook, shower caddy, clothes airer etc.

I love Ikea, we are going again tomorrow to order this awesome shelving unit for our lounge, and to get some decorative goodies for the apartment.
Image source

Last weekend we celebrated Valentines day and spent the day sightseeing and wondering around London. I will share our day in  photos with you soon! Here's a sneak peek for now!
We happened to see two vossies (foxes), one was next to the river on the south bank in between the restaurants. The other one was in the woods across the road from our apartment, that one told us the long awaited answer to the question "What does the fox say?"...The fox doesn't say anything, it screams, like a young girl being attacked. It's quite disturbing actually.

So that's it, a month summed up, nothing too exciting or eventful. Oh it snowed!! That was awesome, a tiny bit of snow, but hey who's counting, snow is snow!! Hope you enjoyed the post!!


  1. I love Ikea. The closed one to where we live is about 2 hours away, but we ALWAYS go when we are close. Even if we don't need anything. That's healthy right?

    1. That's totally healthy!! Haha I've been to IKEA twice in 2 weeks and I've gone through the website a dozen times!