Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A week in Paris - Day 5

On Friday we were supposed to go to the Palace of Versailles and tread in the dainty footsteps of Marie Antoinette through the extensive gardens. Unfortunately the gardens were closed due to the weather and heavy winds experienced during the week. Another thing for next time!!

So we had a day with absolutely no plans.

Before I tell you what we did on our completely open and unplanned last day in Paris I would like to introduce you to the Blue Cat...
The Blue Cat made it's way into our house (and friend group) in 2013 at "The awesomest party that never should have happened" - According to Melanie (pictured on the right). The Blue Cat attended various parties and was always a good conversation starter, so Cindy went and bought a second Blue Cat.

Before we left SA, on one of our last "kuiers" we decided that the Blue Cat would travel with us, one with Riaan and I, and one with Cindy and Marcelle. The Travelling Blue Cat would see all the awesome sights in the world, and go on the most amazing adventures!

And that brings me to our last day in Paris. Every single day so far, we had completely forgotten to take the Blue Cat with us, what idiots! So on our last day we took Blue Cat on it's first adventure, to see all the best that Paris has to offer.
We started off at the Arc de Triomphe, we didn't take many photos here, Parisians don't seem to have the best sense of humour early on a Friday...I think they were just jealous of our schweet hat!!
Then we took a stroll to the Eiffel Tower, it was such a beautiful day, naturally we had to take a few selfies ... lucky you, you only have to see this one!
We strolled through the Champs de Mars and stopped for some more photos, the Blue Cat enjoyed the Eiffel Tower, we have that in common. It was our third visit in 5 days!
We admired the view, and discussed the oddly trimmed trees in the background ... Feline a little playful the Blue Cat did a little photo bombing - the targets didn't seem to mind!!
 Can I reach the top??
 What about now???
 OK, fine! I'll just be cute!
 Oh yeah! People are looking at us funny, but we don't care, we're having a blast!
Can I reach the sides??? Nope!!
Hahaha, if you had a better photographer you'd probably be able to reach the sides!!
We admired Notre Dame, from all angles! And then...
The Hunchback of Notre Dame paid a little visit!
Ah man! I giggled so much at this! It was so funny! Riaan always knows how to make me laugh!! People looking at us like we're crazy, laughing! This is exactly what memories are made of!
We walked across the Seine, to show the Blue Cat the outdoor ice rink outside Hotel De Ville, but first we stopped to imagine what it would be like to live in that apartment up there. Such a pretty French apartment!
As you can see, we ended up being captivated by the guy blowing gigantic bubbles, it was much more entertaining than anything else.
Our last stop for the day was the Louvre Museum, after a few candid pictures we made our way home to enjoy a last bottle of French wine and pack our bags.

On Saturday we left our hotel and made our way to Gare Du Nord, only to find that our train to London was delayed indefinitely, we checked in at a hotel nearby and hung around waiting to hear what to do, at about 4pm they told us we had to come back in the morning for further news. So we had an extra day, that was pretty much over, but we made the most of it, we had a great dinner at a little bistro and a little too much red wine. On Sunday morning bright and early we went back to the station and were lucky enough to get the first train to London. It was a mad rush to go back to the hotel, check out, and get back to the station but we made it, and after being stuck on the train for another minor (2 hour) delay we finally got to London on Sunday afternoon.

In case you were wondering, at the moment the Blue Cat is in Canada on an awesome adventure with Cindy and Marcelle!!

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