Thursday, January 01, 2015

2014 in summary

2014 was quite a year, it was challenging and rewarding, we had lots of fun BUT it was frustrating at times and it definitely taught me A LOT!

In January I learnt A LOT about myself, besides the fact that I confirmed that I'm a little dyslexic - I've known it all along (See pic above) hahaha! I learnt that I value myself more than others' opinions and that I actually don't care what others think or have to say about me because I am a good person, I do things with love and kindness from the bottom of my heart and I like who I am and I won't be changing for anyone.
In February we competed in our first warrior race, for those of you that don't know what it is, it's an obstacle course race that sees you running climbing walls crawling through mud and swimming through dam water, it was absolute fun - beside the fact that I nearly died...slipping off the edge of a platform a few stories high as I was about to jump into a pit of water, my head missed the side of the pit by centimetres and I completely winded myself, not fun!! We chose red as our team colour, needless to say that shirt never made it back into my cupboard!
March was amazing, besides for it being a huge birthday month in our family, I graduated from UNISA, with my BCompt Accounting Degree, after 5 years of part-time studying, the hard work and dedication paid off! Booya!! But of course it doesn't end there, I enrolled for ACCA and wrote my first exam in the beginning of December, hopefully by this time next year I'll be qualified!
In April we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, we went to Swaziland for the long weekend and had some well deserved R&R! The first year of our marriage flew by and I can't believe that we are already running head first towards our second wedding anniversary.Oh, I also cut my own bangs back in after the weekend in Swaziland, it went quite well actually but I get bored so quickly so I let them grow out again.

May was pretty uneventful, but we did get our gorgeous little black kitty, Arya. South Africa also had it's fifth general election, unfortunately corruption still triumphed and the ANC won the elections again. Hopefully next time the DA wins.
I'm already over this post, recapping on a year is such a long post!!! Hang in there peeps, we're half way! June was pretty uneventful for us, but I did bake this awesome chocolate fondant for Fathers Day, best chocolate desert EVER!!
In July I baked a lot, is it just me or do I seem to be getting better and better? JK!I'm enjoying the baking challenges this year, I did lots of very awesome cakes. I almost forgot and had to come add this in after re-reading my post... Our Flavourful Life was born this month, I've enjoyed every step of the blogging journey so far and I thank you guys for reading and the comments, much appreciated!!

In August I went to Dubai, it was ridiculously hot, but it was awesome, it's such a beautiful place with so much to see and do, we will definitely be making a stop over for a couple of days when we come back to SA for a visit!
September saw us telling all our friends and family that we'll be immigrating to the UK, with only 10 days to go now, it's very real!! Luckily our family and friends are supporting us all the way, and they are excited for as, they are the absolute best!
I dyed my hair purple!! It wasn't as much of an impulse decision as I had been contemplating it for a while. I loved it! BUT it's high maintenance, it fades unbelievably quickly despite being a permanent colour. I also baked my second solo wedding cake for friends of ours, it was delicious! The cakes are definitely getting better and better!! I took part in my first blogtober, it grew my readership and I think it made me a better blogger! Also we can't forget that Oscar Pistorius got sentenced for murder...5 years in prison, not enough if you ask me...

November was quite chilled, I went to Durban for a week, we threw a surprise 50th birthday party for my Dad, started sorting all our plans for Paris and London and I finished up with work for the year. I can't believe I've been done with work for a whole month already!

And finally, December, it was easily the busiest month of my life, I wrote exams, we sold almost all our belongings, packed what was left into a few boxes and suitcases and moved out of our house, in between all of that we have had farewells, Christmas and New Years. It's been super busy but lots and lots of fun!

A few of my favourite songs from 2014:
John Legend - All of me
Taylor Swift - Shake it off, Blank Space (I'm loving Taylor Swift lately, it's all about the catchy lyrics!)
Meghan Trainor - All about that bass
Ed Sheeran - Thinking out loud
George Ezra - Budapest
Coldplay - A sky full of stars
Ellie Goulding - How long will I love you
Imagine Dragons - Demons
The Vamps - Somebody to you

A few things I'll be happy to see stay behind in 2014:
Justin Bieber - This little boy needs a smack!
Miley and her tongue and gyrating antics.
Kim K and her butt, and her sex diets, BS!!
Hacked/Stolen nude pics and sex lists, seriously people, this stuff should be private, don't put it in the cloud.
Missing planes.
Internet trolls.

A few things I'd like to see more of in 2015:
Celeb group selfies like this one
People treating other people the right way.
Honesty in people and also less corruption in governments.
More feminism...

That's the end of this long-ass post!! Thank you all for sticking around with me and stopping by throughout the year!

What would you like to see more/less of in 2015?


  1. I love this idea for a post - may have to do the same, if you don't mind!?

    You've had such a crazy year! Sounds like a good one for sure, I love the warrior race photo; sounds like so much fun! And Dubai looks amazing! I would love to go, I can imagine that it's crazily hot but very beautiful :)

    1. I'm so glad you also did a recap post, and congrats on the amazing marks! Hard work and dedication pays off :)
      Thank you, warrior was amazing, would love to do it again! Ah you would love Dubai, it is insanely beautiful!! 2015 promises to be even crazier, starting in one week! Will definitely keep you posted!

    2. Thank you! It sure does :)

      You should, it sounds so mad but a lot of fun! My friend actually went to Dubai earlier in the year and said it was so incredible, It's on my travel bucket list!

      Of course! Your going to have so much fun! Definitely do, I'd like to see what you'll be getting up to :D

    3. Dubai is definitely worthy of a bucketlist spot! :)

  2. It looks like you had an incredible year! Congrats on finishing school. I'd love to see more people treat other people the right way in 2015, too.

    1. It was quite a year, thank you so much! :) And good luck for 2015!!