Sunday, December 28, 2014

Life lately - 28 December 2014

First things first, **MERRY CHRISTMAS**!!! I really hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, spent time with loved ones, and ate lots of yummy foods!!
We have been so busy this week! It's kinda crazy!
Sadly, we didn't take alot of pictures but we did manage quite a few selfies!! On Monday we had our Fake Christmas (Frismas) party with the besties!
If you're following me on instagram you'll already have had a sneak peak at some photos!
On the 24th we celebrated Christmas with Riaan's family, it's kinda become a new tradition doing this, everyone brings a plate of snacks and Riaan's dad dresses up as Father Christmas. He arrives with a big bag of presents for the children, much to their delight. For about an hour he sits chatting to them and handing out presents, followed by squeals of joy from little kiddies opening presents. I love the sheer happiness on the kiddies faces as Father Christmas calls out their names, it's priceless!!
After all the presents had been handed out Father Christmas had to leave to go feed his Reindeer and deliver gifts to all the other children in the world, and after a very merry send-off the children disappeared with their toys, it was play time!! Then it was the adults turn to open their gifts, we do a secret Santa for the adults, it's lots of fun and the gifts are always awesome!!

On Christmas Day we had lunch with Riaan's parents and had a lazy afternoon nap infront of the tv. Dad went on a very spontaneous trip to Durban, they left on Christmas Eve so we didn't see him for Christmas. Later on Christmas day we went to Mom's house for Christmas day fondue, it was delicious and it was definitely one of my favourite Christmases to date! I promise promise promise I'll be sharing the recipe for the cheese fondue in the new year!It's amazeballs!!

We spent boxing day packing the last of our stuff and moving boxes into storage. It also happened to be our three year engagement anniversary!! Damn, time flies!! It's been an awesome 3 years, keeps getting better!

Yesterday we moved whats left of our furniture out of the house,with the help of our awesome friends, despite the imminent rain - it held out just long enough for us to finish the move! This was followed by a very well deserved braai and a few too many drinks!! Today we cleaned the townhouse and the tenants started moving in.

SO! We're officially landlords...

We'll be staying at Riaan's parents for the next 2 weeks until we set of on our adventure! I'm so excited!!!

But right now I have a bunch of paperwork to go through for my new job, I'm so freaking excited for this job, it's going to be awesome!!

Also, I need to buy a new black coat, mine has been retired after 6 years of very loyal wearing - I was starting to look like a weeshuiskind! LOL This may pose a problem though as it's the middle of summer here, so the shops don't really have winter clothes in stock! JOY!!

I know I'm probably saying excited WAAAAY too much, but you guys don't understand, or maybe you do... Whatevs, I'm still excited!

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