Friday, January 23, 2015

Life lately - 23 January 2015

I can't believe in one week January will be pretty much over...already??

AND ...

I know I owe you all some of the awesome photos we took in Paris, but I've been so so busy. And it's not just a case of uploading them ... they are HUGE! So I have to convert the format before I can resize them and then editing and then finally I can upload them! What a mission, not to mention that we took over 500 photos in one week ... I have a mammoth task ahead of me!!

But here's a teaser for now ...
 Our selfie stick was super handy!! Dankie Hanroux!!

So, I thought I would just touch base today and let you all know that we haven't forgotten about you!

First things first ... Paris ... Aaah!! It was amazing! Everything I imagined and more! I love Paris! So much so that I already started planning our next trip before we had even left the city! And Riaan loved it too, which I was super relieved about because we HAVE to go back!!

I promise I will have a few photos up by the end of next week!

We've been in London for 5 days now and we're enjoying it, we haven't really seen much of the city, attractions wise - except for Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the Shard, which are all right by my office. I can actually see them all from our office, which is pretty awesome!!

We've successfully navigated the subway (thanks to our crash course in Paris - in French nogal!!), and I've taken more trains in the past 5 days than I care to count.

Riaan has been hard at work house hunting and sorting our lives out, and thanks to him we'll be moving into our new apartment tomorrow!! It's a beautiful, modern little one bedroom apartment, and it's walking distance from my office, BONUS!!

So our plans for this weekend involve a move (of a whole 2 suitcases), opening a bank account, a bit of shopping for some household goodies and hopefully some adventuring!!

What will you be getting up to this weekend??

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  1. Hi Kids Glad to see you are settling in. Post pics please. Love you lots Mom

    1. Hi Mom :)

      Thank you! :D Will be posting pics either tomorrow or wednesday :) Love you lots!!xxxx