Sunday, September 07, 2014

One Week in Dubai - A second look

After writing approximately 20 lines for this blog entry I stumbled upon a really interesting post about travel blogging...I found myself agreeing with about 99% of what this blog was screaming at me! This resulted in me scrapping my entire post - Bar line one "Happy Spring everyone!!"

Anyway, now that that's out of the way...I won't be telling you about all the delicious food we ate (a different country's cuisine almost every night!), I will be going head first into the nitty gritty - let's get down to business!

Ah Dubai, what can I say, I miss it already...I was sad to be leaving, but happy to be going home!

When people tell you Dubai is hot you're probably all like "Yeah, yeah, it can't be that bad"...Trust me, IT CAN!! Not only was the average temperature 40 degrees, the average humidity was 70%. CRAY CRAY!!
One afternoon after work we stopped off at one of the malls, parking the car in the underground parking, I opened the door and hopped out, unaware of the impending heat wave outside. As my feet touched the ground, the hot air hit me square in the face, it made me gasp. My boss smiled, this is 50 he said to me. What?? 50 degrees?! I felt ill, nauseous from the heat.
Lesson one - If you can't handle the heat...stay indoors!

The malls are amazing, they stay open until midnight and the variety that they have to offer is mind-boggling. We were spoilt for choice!! Apart from your department stores and clothing shops (from all around the world), designer labels, electronic goods, restaurants, confectioners, coffee shops and juice bars are plentiful! We spent 9 hours at the malls on our first Saturday, 1 and a half of these were spent on the slopes of Ski Dubai!! Can you imagine the pain my poor feet had to endure, not nearly quite as bad as those of the Stepford Wives that were tottering around in 4 inch heels!
Lesson two - wear comfortable, sensible shoes!

Ski Dubai is a MUST visit for at least 2 hours if you're into the whole adventurey, fun kind of vibe. Whether you're a complete amature and have never set foot on a slope (like me!), a veteran skier, or anywhere in between, be sure to pay a visit to Ski Dubai. They have bigger slopes for more advance skiers and for the kiddies and us beginners there are cute little slopes and ski instructors! With penguins waddling around and an entertainment area in the snow dome for the children it makes for the perfect family outing. Do bring gloves and a beanie because it's cold, -4 degrees to be exact, but it's not a bone chilling kind of cold, it just the kind of cold that nips at your nose and lips making them a little numb. They provide a ski suit and skis as part of the package, the ski suit is really warm, I was wearing a thin blouse under mine and it was perfect! Snug as a bug! I even snuck in in my normal clothes for a snowy selfie! Naughty naughty!!

I heard they have Ski parties on a Thursday night, sounds like an absolute blast but unfortunately we never went on a Thursday.

If you find yourself with an open afternoon, book a desert safari, if you don't have an open afternoon, find a way to make one available and book a desert safari!!!! They take you on about an hour long stomach churning, and at some points, heart stopping 4x4 ride through the dunes in the desert to a special spot that is perfect for watching the sun set and taking super-touristy photos like these...

Once the sun has disappeared behind the mountains we hop back into the 4x4 and off we go again, into the desert, sand spraying up against your window as the driver sharply turns and dips through the dunes. After a short while we find ourselves back on the highway, and then back in the desert, seemingly heading for the middle of no-where and then out of the blue (or brown in this matter), we're at a little hideaway oasis, with nothing but sand around you for miles and miles.
We hop out the 4x4, its hot and humid but bearable because the sun is gone and the sky is full of stars, outside the oasis you can ride a camel, quad bike or sandboard. Inside the oasis you are welcomed with the delicious smells of Lebanese cuisine, chicken on the fire and traditional bread in the "oven". Before dinner is served they have a traditional show/dance and a very talented lady belly dancing, there are stalls selling sand art vases, your typical tourist souvenirs and a lady painting henna tattoos. The entire thing lasts about 4 to 5 hours, and is great value for money, depending on where you make your booking.
Lesson three - be a tourist, do touristy things and have fun!

I can't tell you that a swim in the ocean is refreshing and that it will cool you off because the truth is, it won't. We went for a dip at The Walk by the Jumeirah Beach Residence. The water was warm and super salty but so beautifully clear and blue that I could see the little fish swimming around my feet. I didn't last much more than 25 minutes before I had to stop floating bout and collecting shells and get out to find a spot of shade to relax in, but shortly thereafter we sought refuge from the heat indoors, along with an ice cold bottle of water.
Lesson four - Your hotel pool is probably more refreshing, but much less fun! Look at that view. Yes, that's Atlantis waaaay back there!!

For me, Dubai is a lovely place, the buildings are beautiful, as are the people. I will definitely be going back in a year or two, but only after I've ticked off a few of the destinations on my top 10 bucketlist!


  1. Your cray cray line made me snort haha :D

    1. Hahaha, that's exactly what it was, freaking CRAY CRAY!! I need that t-shirt!!