Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Follow your dreams

I will drill this into my children's heads one day...because I believe it is important! (Within reason of course - I most certainly don't want a little Evil Knievel running around!)

It is important to follow your dreams, try, and if you don't succeed at least you gave it a go.
You'll be happier knowing you gave it your all and it didn't work rather than always wondering what would have happened if only you tried...

I read a quote on pinterest a while ago - it changed my perspective on life immensely. Here it is...

"Making a big life change is pretty scary. But, know what's even scarier? Regret."

I think the reason that this hit so close to home at the time is because I was just given an awesome job opportunity... Changing jobs really isn't such a big life change, hell some people change their jobs more often than I change my hair. So what's the big deal then?? The big deal is that the job is in another country...on another continent...Thousands of kilometers away from everything we know and everyone we love.

I started waitressing at the age of 15, not for spending money, but to save so that when I matriculated I could take a gap year, move to the UK and have a working holiday. That never happened. Life has a funny way of changing your story, just when you think you know what you want and you have this great big plan of how your life is going to be, BAM!, a curveball! My curveball's name is Riaan (I say this with love), I am so lucky to have met him, I am grateful for him everyday and I never once thought "What if I went to the UK", all thoughts of moving faded away after we started dating, I found my happily ever after. *Awwwww* Ok! End of being soppy!

Call it fate, call it destiny, call it whatever you like, but, as life would have it, we'll be going to live in the UK afterall, the only difference being its a few years later than what I had dreamed of in my early teen years, and I won't be going alone. There it is, the big scary life change!

In the past year ALOT has happened, life is short and I have learnt that you should do what makes you happy. Live your life for you! We are lucky enough to have families that have always encouraged us to follow our dreams and support us in the choices we make.

So that's that...Be happy, live life, and follow your dreams!

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