Sunday, December 14, 2014

Where's December rushing off to??

I blinked and December was upon us, I was so excited because I was done with work for the year and I was going to have so much free time to get things done!

I blinked again and December's already half-way through!! How did that happen?? What is going on?? I have hardly even touched on the endless list of things to do!

I did manage to get all our Christmas shopping done and wrapped, by the 3rd already! I also took Arya in for a little snip, her stitches come out tomorrow. Since then it's been a whirlwind of selling a ton of our stuff, studying for exams, freaking out over not covering all my content due to not having power for 15 hours straight last week, a three hour long exam on Wednesday and a plethora of farewells since then. Finally I have a little free time to sit down at my laptop and get you all up to speed.

We had our year-end work function on Thursday and our year-end team building at Sun City on Friday. The weather was perfect and we had a blast!
Girls at Thursday lunch
View from the Cascades Hotel, Sun City
Arena in the Valley of the Waves, Sun City
Roman Baths at the Valley of the Waves, Sun City
Sunset over Hartebeespoort Dam
We still have quite a bit to get done as well as alot of packing to do before the 28th when our tenants move into our little house.

I'm getting so excited, this morning I worked out our Itinerary for Paris and it's going to be an amazing holiday! I can't wait to get all snap happy in France (with our newest toy) and share what is sure to be an incredible holiday with you all!

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 *All photos on this post are either mine or courtesy of Roanne Sookdhoo, our tourist!

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