Sunday, April 19, 2015

When April rolled around

When April rolled around I said to myself "Myself, you have to write more blog posts this month, you should make time for the blog because you enjoy doing it and you always have these brilliant ideas/thoughts that pop into your head on the way to/from the office, you should jot them down and write about them."

Well obviously that hasn't happened, we are half way through April and I have only done one post! Tsk tsk!! Shame on me!!

The truth is there are things I enjoy more than blogging - like adventuring around my new city, cooking and squeezing in a workout here or there when I can. Then there are things that I have to do, that I don't necessarily enjoy more that blogging - like attending lectures, doing housework, my job, and sleeping. I need to find balance and get my groove back.

That being said, I have been working on a new look/design for the blog, and I'm working on moving the blog over to wordpress, so I'm spending all the time I would have spent writing posts on trying to design my new header, logo, buttons etc. I have a very clear vision of what I want the blog to look like, with about 2% photoshop skills to do it and approximately 231 559 pins (okay maybe not THAT many) on my secret blogging board with inspiration and tips on how to move to wordpress and create your own this and how to do that - So it might take a while.

Anyway, once I have that (and a few other, more personal things) down and sorted I will be back in the swing of things (hopefully!!). But for now, I will be content with writing sporadic posts about life and our adventures and my thoughts.

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