Sunday, July 27, 2014

So, I can't bake this weekend...

Hi Everyone!!

Deciding what my first post would be about was quite a process, I couldn't decide whether to tell you whats going on in my life right now or to start at the beginning.
I then decided that since I gave a bit of an insight in our about us page that present beats past, and I will tell our story as we go along!

As you have probably read . . . or know, I love baking, I like to try out new recipes every now and again, or to challenge myself to a new cake decorating session. This weekend's request, put in by my dear mom-in-law (Mama Vos), was "Chewy rolo cookies", from a recipe she found in a food magazine. I was so excited to try them, they looked divine!! But mother nature had other plans for me this weekend...Bed rest!

After a week of fighting what I thought was the flu, I visited my Doctor on Friday (thank goodness I'm not a Doctor because my diagnosis was WAY off!)... Bronchitis, so it was either a course of antibiotics AND two injections on Friday AND ANOTHER two on Saturday or off to hospital. I opted for the painful but much preferred injections and bed rest in the comfort of my own home!

Hopefully I'll hit the ground running again on Monday morning, but for now I will share last weekend's request from my little brother-in-law (Hanroux), A cookie monster cake!

This cake really was a pleasure to bake, and was easily one of the easiest decorations I have done!
I made a blue velvet sponge cake in a 20 cm round cake pan. (I promise to share the recipes ASAP!!)

I then went on to make the perfect frosting for a velvet cake - Cream Cheese Vanilla Frosting!YUM!!
I got Riaan to roll out some white fondant and some black fondant and cut out the eyes and mouth while I started to pipe the frosting onto the cake - Shame I really do ALWAYS manage to rope him in on the decorating front!
We placed the mouth first and cut a slit for the cookie, I then piped the entire cake using a Wilton 233 Grass/Hair Piping Nozzle, squeezing and releasing on the piping bag for each tuft of hair, we then positioned his eyes, I piped a few final tufts of hair, we broke the perfect cookie and stuffed it into his mouth and VOILA! A really cool cookie monster cake - All in less than an hour and a half!!

So that's it from me for now, as promised I will be posting this recipe as soon as possible the recipe is up ;) and I hope you enjoyed the post!

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